My statement and reflections: one year on after leaving from Thailand

Today marks one year since I felt I had to leave from Thailand after almost 12 years of working with migrant worker issues there.
It is an emotional anniversary for me. I had to leave behind a year ago in Thailand many friends, work colleagues, a country I had essentially grown from a young adult to an older adult in, a culture and language I was coming more to understand and integrate into, and I had to leave behind most importantly the MWRN team that consisted of both my closest colleagues but also those whom I classify as both my friends and family.
As I said in my statement on leaving last year: ‘Importantly on a personal level, currently the situation in defending migrant worker rights for me and others who act as human rights defenders in similar situations has rapidly deteriorated in Thailand with significantly increased risks and aggressiveness evident. As a result, I want to ensure time for existing tense situations of conflict to reduce as well as provide time and space for the many parties to these existing disputes to fully understand the importance of migrant worker rights and the necessity for human rights defenders like myself to have their work increasingly promoted and protected. Only if such a positive situation is developed can people like myself work genuinely and most productively, free from threats and intimidation and without endless prosecutions that prevent our work from proceeding effectively.’ Continue reading


25th Oct 17: Natural Fruit Executives Indicted/Temporarily Released on Bail Pending Criminal Trial in Andy Hall’s Counter Prosecution

25th Oct 2017 – Today at 9am, Prakanong Provincial Court indicted two senior Natural Fruit management and Natural Fruit Company Ltd. on criminal charges in Andy Hall’s counter criminal prosecution case. The two senior management and Natural Fruit Company were indicted for and pleaded not guilty to intentionally reporting false information to police and/or launching false prosecutions. The two senior management and the company were indicted before the Court released them temporarily on bail at 100,000 baht per person pending the judgement following the criminal trial. The trial is scheduled for 22/23/27/28 Mar 2018. วันนี้ 9 โมงเช้าศาลจังหวัดพระโขนงนัดสอบคำให้การจำเลยทั้ง 3 คดีที่ผมฟ้องกลับบริษัทเนเชอรัลฟรุตจำกัดและผู้บริหารระดับสูงโดยคดีอาญา ผมดำเนินการคดีอาญาข้อกล่าวหาให้ข้อมูลเท็จกับตำรวจ/ฟ้องเท็จต่อผู้บริหารระดับสูงของบริษัททั้งสองและบริษัท ศาลนัดสืบพยาน 22/23/27/28 มี.ค. 2561 วันนี่ที่ศาลจำเลยทั้งสาม (บริษัท/ผู้บริหาร)ให้การปฏิเสธการฟ้องของผมและได้รับอนุญาตปล่อยตัวชั่วคราวคนและ 100,000 บาทจนถึงศาลพิพากษาคดีเสร็จ

Finnwatch PRESS RELEASE 28 Aug: Judicial harassment waged against migrant workers’ rights defender Andy Hall gathers new momentum in Thailand


28th August 2017

Judicial harassment waged against migrant workers’ rights defender Andy Hall gathers new momentum in Thailand

A new trial of British migrant workers’ rights defender Andy Hall in a civil defamation prosecution will commence on Tuesday 29th August at the Prakanong Court in Bangkok, Thailand. The case was initiated in 2013 by a Thai pineapple exporter Natural Fruit Company Ltd. which is seeking 100 million baht (EUR 2.5m) from Hall in damages following an interview Hall gave to Aljazeera English news channel in Myanmar in 2013.

“As a consequence of having helped to expose systematic human rights violations against migrant workers in Thailand, Hall has been battling for his freedom and dignity within Thailand’s justice system and courts since 2013. A new civil trial concerning the same Aljazeera interview for which a criminal prosecution has already been dismissed as unlawful is a sign that this judicial harassment against a human rights defender is being allowed to continue endlessly,” said Sonja Vartiala, Executive Director of Finnwatch. Continue reading

Natural Fruit 100m baht civil defamation Aljazeera case against Andy Hall to commence 29th Aug 

Natural Fruit in 2013 filed a 100 million baht civil defamation case against Andy Hall for an interview he did with Aljazeera’s Wayne Hay in Myanmar คดีบริษัทเนเชอรัล ฟรุต เป็นโจทย์ฟ้องอานดี้โฮลล์ คดีละเมิดเรียกค่าเสียหาย100 ล้านบาทเกี่ยวของกับที่โฮลล์ให้การสัมภาษณ์สำนักข่าว Aljazeeraที่พม่า โดยฟ้องคดีที่ศาลจังหวัดพระขนง Today announced appeal court reversed decision of Prakanong Court to throw case out & scheduling new trial against Hall to start 29th Aug 9am วันนี่ศาลอุทธรณ์กลับศาลต้นเป็นรับฟ้องถูกต้องนัดพร้อมเพื่อกำหนดวันสืบและรายชื่อพยานในวันที่29สค.60 เวลา 9.00น

Day One: Natural Fruit vs. Andy Hall Counter Criminal Prosecution Case 

ภาษาไทยอยู่ข้างล่าง Today was Day 1 of the Andy Hall vs. Natural Fruit Company (company officials/lawyers) counter criminal prosecution case at Prakanong Court. My head lawyer Mr. Nakhon Chomphuchat was the main prosecution witness in today’s day 1 hearing in Andy Hall vs. Natural Fruit Co. criminal countersuit. The case was adjourned until 21 August. วันนี้ศาลจังหวัดพระโขนงนัดไต่สวนมูลฟ้องคดีอาญาที่อานดี้ ฮอลล์เป็นโจทก์ฟ้องบริษัท เนเชอรัล ฟรุต จำกัดกับพวกรวม 4 คน โดยรวมทนายความด้วย พยานสำคัญของโจทก์ในวันนี้เป็นทนายความ คือนายนคร ชมพูชาติ หัวหน้าทีมทนายความของผมที่ไปเบิกความที่ศาล จำเลยยังซักค้านไม่จบ ศาลให้เลื่อนไปซักค้านต่อนัดหน้าในวันที่ 21 สิงหาคม

PRESS RELEASE 30th May 2017: Migration activist Andy Hall to launch litigations against Thai state prosecutors, police and Natural Fruit Company

PRESS RELEASE 30th May 2017

Migration activist Andy Hall to launch litigations against Thai state prosecutors, police and Natural Fruit Company,-police-and-natural-fruit-company

Lawyers representing Andy Hall, a British researcher and labour activist specialising in migrant worker rights, will tomorrow on 31st May at 9:00am (GMT+7hrs) file criminal litigation against Thailand’s Office of the Attorney General, nine Thai state prosecution officials and one senior police officer at the Central Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases in Dusit District of Bangkok, Thailand. Hall’s lawyers will then proceed to file further criminal litigation at Prakanong Court in Prakanong District of Bangkok against Natural Fruit Company Ltd., a board member with legal authority to act on behalf of the company, a senior company management official and the company’s lawyer, altogether four additional persons.

These litigations concern a criminal defamation charge relating to an interview Hall gave to Aljazeera English in Myanmar. The charge was filed against him by Natural Fruit at Bangna Police station in Bangkok in July 2013. The Office of the Attorney General, in the role of investigator of the complaint, assigned the criminal investigation of the case to Bangna police and later recommended the case for prosecution. Following this, prosecution officials prosecuted Hall who was then in May 2014 indicted for a full criminal trial at Prakanong Court.

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