Andy Hall to be escorted now to Thailand’s Attorney General’s Office 18th June at 9am

Andy Hall’s lawyer have now been informed that tomorrow at 9am he will be escorted from Bangna Police Station by Bangna Police to the Attorney General’s Office and not the Prakanong Public Prosecutor as the offence of defamation for which Natural Fruit charged him was undertaken in Myanmar, outside of Thailand. The Attorney General’s Office ordered Bangna Police apparently to transfer the case back to AG office that lawfully has jurisdiction over the case only.

One response to “Andy Hall to be escorted now to Thailand’s Attorney General’s Office 18th June at 9am

  1. Thailand is one of many countries which has adopted a terrible regime of human rights abuses which only recently has risen to the surface (courtesy of the Guardian, and other media outlets) The country is ranked Tier 2 by the TIP report 2013, though rumors are gathering that the country could even be downgraded to Tier 3. joining the ranks of North Korea, and Iran etc. The type of abuses having read this report are shocking, and makes very grim reading indeed.


    I suspect mounting pressure is forcing Thailand to address such issues (no doubt to avoid serious sanctions), though there is no concrete evidence to suggest any significant reforms have yet to emerge. Indeed, many outspoken on the subject are facing criminal charges, notably two journalists ( who quoted a paragraph from the Reuters article on the Rhongyan migrants comes to mind, who if found guilty, can expect a lengthy prison sentence. The second one I am aware of (though there are many more), is Andy Hall again facing similar charges of defamation and computer-related crimes.

    I hope the Andy Hall will continue his campaign to expose the truth, without of which I’m sure Thailand will endeavor to suppress.

    P.S extracts of this article have been posted in the international media.

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