Aljazeera Interview Criminal Defamation Trial Set 2-10 Sept 2014

Yesterday (2nd Jul 14) Prakanong Court set the criminal trial witness hearing date in the Aljazeera interview case filed by Natural Fruit Co against Andy Hall for 2-10 Sept 2014. After that, the court will make it’s decision on the case (no jury) guilty or not guilty. Hall pleaded against guilty again yesterday.

Despite long talk with judges on legality, they refused to allow Hall to keep his passport because as a ‘foreigner’ he was a flight risk. No case specific reason but their general practice.

Hall’s legal team also asked court to drop all cases because of investigation irregularities of Bangna Police station.

Today’s initial negotiation was a failure as Natural Fruit only accept apology to drop the cases.

The hearing was attended by representatives from the Finnish and British embassies.

Judges discussed they want to meet/prosecution interrogate migrants hall interviewed to prove facts during the trial. Safety? Research ethics? Very difficult for Hall and need to think long and hard what to do on this judicial request.

Andy Hall’s witnesses: Aung San Suu Kyi, government ministers, migrant leaders, academics, rights activists, industry leaders, my PhD supervisor

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