Thai Pineapple Industry Association Official Response to International Campaign on Andy Hall Case

Unofficial Translation

Thai Pineapple Industry Association
5/29 Soi Yakthanon Na Ranong Kloykoei, Bangkok 10110
Tel/Fax: 66 2 502691, 66897771239 Website:

TPIA 29/2014 13th August 2014
Subject: Andy Hall’s Letter (No signature)

To: Mr. Komsan Tongsiri (General Secretary, State Enterprises Workers’ Relations Confederation of Thailand – SERC) to pass onto Mr. Andy Hall

Attachments: 1. Letter dated 8th August 2014
2. SERC Urgent Press Release, issued on 11th August 2014

I write to you with reference to the letter addressed to the Thai Pineapple Industry Association (TPIA) requesting TPIA action in the case where Natural Fruit Company Ltd. has prosecuted Mr. Andy Hall. This letter was issued on 8th August 2014.

After the TPIA received the above mentioned letter from organizations related to Mr. Andy Hall, TPIA’s members coordinated to assign Mr. Nirut Rublek, TPIA’s General Secretary, to invite TPIA committee and members to an urgent meeting to address issues arising from the letter on 9th August 2014. The meeting issued a unanimous resolution that Mr. Nirut Rublek should write a letter to SERC and those organizations concerned with Mr. Andy Hall, and this letter should be passed on to Mr. Andy Hall, on the following issues.
1. A case where Mr. Andy Hall has a conflict with Natural Fruit Company Ltd. and the Presidency of the Thai Pineapple Industry Association, currently held by Mr. Wirat Piyapornpaiboon, should not be combined as one conflict as the issue is personal. Furthermore, TPIA’s members understand that Mr. Wirat already prosecuted this issue in the Courts of Justice and currently Prakhanong Provincial Court has accepted the prosecuted charge for consideration. Mr. Andy Hall has been temporarily bailed out. TPIA should not intervene in processes concerning the court’s consideration of this issue.
2. The letter sent to the TPIA on 8th August 2014 by all those concerned and by Mr. Andy Hall has no official signatures. TPIA considers that there is no legitimacy and morality in this issued letter that is making allegations against others without any logical sense.
3. The letter that TPIA’s members have now received, when combined with news that TPIA has followed including the media interviews of Mr. Andy Hall, illustrates Mr. Andy Hall’s behaviour is in bad faith with an intention to destroy Thailand’s economic system and severely impact negatively on business owners. If Mr. Hall insists in continuing to behave in this manner, businesses affected by Mr. Andy Hall’s allegations made without fact will coordinate together to prosecute him further in Thailand’s Courts of Justice.
4. News that has been announced incorrectly in contrast to the actual facts and the issuing of letters to convince others to take action in a wrong way without any principles and regulations are considered as most severe rights violations. Any kind of movement that aims to negatively impact on others with a bad intention and in an unethical manner should immediately cease.

The TPIA therefore takes this opportunity to inform our meeting resolutions to SERC and related organizations to also pass to Mr. Andy Hall for his attention and understanding.

Please be informed accordingly.
Mr. Nirut Ruplek
General Secretary, TPIA

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