SumofUs Fundraising Campaign Website on Andy Hall’s Case

Andy Hall is facing jail time for standing up for migrant workers.
Seven years in prison and a $10 million fine. That is what Andy Hall faces for taking on a giant in the worldwide pineapple production. His research into Natural Fruits Ltd — Thailand’s biggest producer of canned pineapples — uncovered appalling working conditions, including child labour and widespread violence against workers.

In retaliation, Natural Fruits Ltd. is striking back — hard. Andy’s passport has been confiscated and he’s not allowed to leave the country while he awaits trial in Thailand under a bogus defamation charge that could mean seven years in a Thai prison.

The trial is starting next week and the corporate giant is throwing masses of lawyers at the case to stop the charges from coming out and deter other human rights activists from speaking out, so we need to act now.

Can you stand with Andy and chip in to support the costs of his trial and take the fight to Natural Fruits?

Last week, nearly 100 human rights and labor organizations, including Human Rights Watch and unions around the world, have spoken out in support of Andy and called on the the Thai Pineapple Industry Association (TPIA) to urge its member Natural Fruit to drop the charges against Andy.

In their response, the association not only refused to help, but replied with more threats against Andy for protecting migrant workers!

The coalition of NGOs have now asked SumOfUs members for help to support the trial costs and fight this bogus charge. We must stand with courageous human rights defenders like Andy who are risking their lives to uncover the harrowing tactics of big corporations.

Can you support Andy in his fight for the right of migrant workers and make sure the corporate giant Natural Fruits doesn’t get away with this?

Donate to support human rights defender Andy Hall now.

4 responses to “SumofUs Fundraising Campaign Website on Andy Hall’s Case

  1. so where is Finnwatch in all this? They commisioned the guy, they should defend him.

  2. As a fellow former foreign expert at AIHD, I can relate with the case of Andy Hall. He has exposed an important military figure in the Democrat Party. He is in court with the very group that tore down the Constitution, the legal framework of the nation. What “leg’ events proceed from this will be against Andy, even though he has done the research and exposed the truth there concerning labor violations.

  3. I am told by Andy that Finnwatch is a tiny NGO with limited funds. On a positive note it is great that the sumofus fundraising page is up and running. I would urge all concerned readers to donate to Andy’s costs. He will need the financial and moral support and frankly he truly deserves it. I personally contributed via Andy’s fundraising page. Ian Yarwood Perth Australia

  4. Can we not find out what products get on North American and European shelves that have anything to do with this company and start a boycott? Can we start a letter campaign to companies that purchase Thai pineapples?

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