Natural Fruit ‘Aljazeera’ Trial Ends, Judgement 29th Oct 9am, $10m civil case begins 30th Oct

The first criminal defamation trial of Natural Fruit Co. Ltd vs Andy Hall ended yesterday after 6 days of witness hearings around 730pm at Prakanong Court. The final day’s hearing was extended late into an evening session as migrant worker witnesses took the witness stand.


Both prosecution and defence lawyers have 30 days to submit any final statements to the court and the final verdict on the case will be issued on Wednesday 29th Oct 9am at Prakanong Court. 


Meanwhile, Nakhon Pathom Civil Court has summonsed the defendant Andy Hall to meet the judges at the court for a first hearing on Thursday 30th Oct, the same day as Hall’s 35th birthday. 

2 responses to “Natural Fruit ‘Aljazeera’ Trial Ends, Judgement 29th Oct 9am, $10m civil case begins 30th Oct

  1. Thailand is a racism state.Don’t get involve.
    Don’t visit & investment. Don’t sell or buy or collect Thai products.
    And don’t leave us alone. We need help!

  2. Andy, his witnesses and his legal team are to be congratulated on conducting such a dignified defence throughout. It is regrettable that Andy was obliged to defend himself at all given that his motives were always pure and without malice.

    Congratulations also to the British Embassy for securing the return of Andy’s passport from the Prakanong Court. It must have been reassuring to have representatives from the British Embassy and the Finnish Embassy observe the trial.

    I also take my hat off to ALL of Andy’s other supporters including (but not limited to) his family and friends, the UN, Finnwatch, TFFA, TTIA, Thai and international media, David Martin (member of European Parliament), the US Embassy, donors and everyone who participated in a petition.

    I would urge all concerned readers who wish to chip in to Andy’s defence fund to click on the DONATE NOW button to make a donation. He has 3 trials to go and is VERY grateful both for himself and for the workers he seeks to protect.
    Ian Yarwood Perth Western Australia

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