Thai tuna industry states support for human rights activists in wake of Natural Fruit case

Thai tuna industry supports human rights workers

The Thai Tuna Industry Assocation (TTIA) has stated that it supports the work of human rights investigators in the wake of the trial between Andy Hall and Natural Fruit.

By Amy Booth
Published: 16 September 2014 04:28 PM

The TTIA launch in May
“TTIA members have been subjected to human rights advocacy investigations and, while we do not agree with all the statements that come with the findings of an investigation, we recognise there is room for improvement in the industry,” the TTIA wrote.

“TTIA members take the approach of working together with NGOs to promote and protect the human rights of migrant workers. We strongly support the practice of human rights advocates and groups to freely conduct their investigations and report their findings to the party being investigated,” it continued.
“We also encourage dialogue between all parties to develop an understanding of the issues and work together for meaningful changes in the work place. It is only through co-operation that the goals of both NGOs and industry will yield the healthiest and safest working environment that can be achieved.”

The TTIA and Thai Frozen Foods Association provided Hall’s bail when he was detained in June. This was a symbol of support for his work defending human rights and migrant workers.

The computer crimes and criminal defamation trial, originally scheduled for September 15 at Bangkok South court, has been postponed until November 17. This is because the defendant was not informed about the hearing in sufficient time, according to Hall’s blog.

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