Natural Fruit vs. Andy Hall Computer Crimes Case Hearing to Continue on Mar 16th

February 3rd, 2015

The preliminary hearing of British human rights activist Andy Hall is set to continue in mid-March, after the one planned for yesterday (Feb. 2) was cut short due to a court scheduling conflict.

The charges in this second case of four brought against Hall by pineapple processor Natural Fruit Company relate to the Computer Crimes Act and criminal defamation charges.

The first defamation case which took place last year was dismissed in the Prakanong Court in Bangkok, however the fruit manufacturing company has since appealed the decision.

Hall told the preliminary hearing that was initially scheduled for a full day on Monday only ended up taking place from 9am until 12pm, and largely involved the cross-examination of the Natural Fruit senior management representative.

The next preliminary hearing is due to take place on March 16.

The campaigner last week said this second case was ‘quite confusing‘, as it appeared he was being charged for actions taken by Finnish civic organization Finnwatch.

“The strange thing from what we’ve seen is that they’re charging me with the Computer Crimes Act…it seems they’re charging me in terms of the Finnwatch report and letters that Finnwatch published on the internet; I never published any of those letters on the internet,” Hall said.

The third case involving civil defamation charges has been postponed pending the verdict of this second case as it contains the same substantive issues.


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