Natural Fruit vs. Andy Hall Indictment Decision Due 24th August 2015 9am

The Bangkok South Criminal Court on Charoen Krung Road in Bangkok yesterday adjourned until 24th August 2015 at 9am a final ruling on whether to indict Mr. Andy Hall, MWRN international affairs advisor, on charges of computer crimes and criminal defamation brought by Natural Fruit Company Ltd. 

The charges were brought in relation to the publishing and dissemination by Finnwatch of a Finnwatch branded report on conditions at Natural Fruit Factory that the company alleged caused it damage to its reputation and financial security. Andy Hall simply researched parts of the report for Finnwatch.
This indictment decision relates only to the first of 4 criminal and civil charges brought against Andy Hall by the Natural Fruit Company Ltd. One charge of criminal defamation was dismissed by Prakanong Court in October 2014 but the dismissal has been appealed by the Attorney General and Natural Fruit. Two $14 million civil defamation cases remaining outstanding.  

The charges in this latest case for which the indictment ruling is due on 24th August carry a penalty of a maximum of 7 years imprisonment.

One response to “Natural Fruit vs. Andy Hall Indictment Decision Due 24th August 2015 9am

  1. Julian PIeniazek

    The very best of luck Andy. Fingers crossed that the court is not so ‘tractable’ and operates on principal rather than pandering to the most powerful influence. Let me (and others) know if we can help in some way.

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