Four MEPs in EU Parliament Debate/Submit Motion on Natural Fruit vs. Andy Hall Case

Four MEPs raised the case of Andy Hall within the debate on the situation in Thailand during a debate in the European Parliament on 8th October 2o15. These were:

  1. Anneliese Dodds- S&D- UK
  2. Hautala- ALDE- Finland
  3. Weidenholzer- S&D- Austria
  4. Frunzulica- S&D- Romania

The EC Commissioner also said in response to the debate:

  1. The EC had been following Andy’s case
  2. The EC will continue to follow Andy’s case
  3. The EC will raise concerns to the Thai authorities

Please find below a link to one of the many final motions for resolution on situation in Thailand that included reference to the Natural Fruit vs. Andy Hall case.

The sections that relate to Andy Hall in this particular motion are:

‘Whereas the criminal defamation case against workers’ rights defender Andy Hall, an EU citizen, has been dismissed, but whereas he still faces indictments in computer crime and defamation cases and two civil defamation cases, which could result in a seven-year prison sentence and a multi-million-dollar fine, after contributing to a Finnwatch report alleging labour abuses by a Thai pineapple wholesaler, despite the fact that violations of workers’ rights committed by the company were confirmed by the Thai Ministry of Labour and by a company employee during previous court hearings; whereas his case will be heard on 19 October 2015.’
‘Welcomes the decision to dismiss the criminal defamation case against Andy Hall, and his subsequent release; calls for the computer crime and criminal defamation cases initiated against him at Southern Bangkok Criminal Court also to be dropped, given that his actions as a human rights defender were aimed at exposing instances of human trafficking and improving the legal situation of migrant workers in Thailand, which confirms his right to carry out research and advocacy without fear of reprisals; expresses its concern, with regard to the civil defamation cases, that his trial may not be fully impartial, as there have been reports of ownership links between the suing company and high-ranking Thai
politicians; asks the EU Delegation to continue to follow his legal situation closely and to attend his trial.’

2 responses to “Four MEPs in EU Parliament Debate/Submit Motion on Natural Fruit vs. Andy Hall Case

  1. Very best of luck Andy; I’m sure there are many who support you silently as well as those who speak out. Btw, links from your e-mails and twitter feeds come up as blank white pages so I wonder if the Walkfree site has been hacked? Very best wishes.

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