PRESS RELEASE12th May 2016

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2. Sonja Vartiala, Finnwatch Executive Director +358 (0)44 5687 465

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3. Nakhon Chompuchat, Lawyer to Andy Hall +66(0)818473086 and nakhonct

Q&A document, last updated on 12th May 2016, is available at:

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On 19th May 2016 at Southern Bangkok Criminal Court, British migrant

rights defender Andy Hall goes on trial facing criminal defamation and

computer crimes charges. Over three years since an original criminal

prosecution was filed against Hall, the first three days of this

criminal trial in May will hear testimony of prosecution witnesses.

Defense witness testimony will be over eight days in June and July.

This criminal case with multiple charges filed is the most serious of

all four cases brought by a Prachuap Khiri Khan province based pineapple

processing company Natural Fruit Company Ltd. against Andy Hall. The

charges were brought following publication of a Finnwatch report Cheap

Has a High Price in January 2013. Whilst this case was the first and

most serious to be filed against Hall back in February 2013, it is the

second case to actually reach a full criminal trial in Thailand’s

The criminal charges in this case carry a maximum combined penalty of

seven years imprisonment in addition to potential fines. Andy Hall was

indicted on these charges in January 2016 when, pending trial and

following granting of temporary release on bail, his passport was

confiscated and permission to leave Thailand restricted without

permission from the court.
“Andy Hall’s work in defence of migrant worker rights in Thailand is

internationally recognised. This campaign of judicial harassment against

him has been condemned by civil society and responsible businesses all

around the world. Finnwatch continue to stand by Andy Hall,” said Sonja

Vartiala, Finnwatch’s executive director.
The report Cheap Has a High Price alleged labour rights violations at

Natural Fruit’s processing plant in Southern Thailand as reported from

interviews with migrant workers from Myanmar. The interview data was

analysed, assembled and a report was published by Finnwatch whereas Andy

Hall only coordinated the field research and, with a help of a team of

others, conducted worker interviews for the report.
Vartiala will travel to Bangkok in July to give testimony as a defense

witness at the Court. Another key defence witness will be from retail

chain S Group, one of the biggest companies in Finland.
“We commend S Group’s decision to take a stand in this case. Free and

independent civil society also benefits companies,” said Vartiala.
The defence shall also call as key witnesses at this trial migrant

workers formally employed at Natural Fruit, leading figures from export

companies also featured in Finnwatch’s reports on migrant conditions in

Thailand as well as migrant rights, consumer and media activists,

unionists, lawyers and researchers.
“What is the most worrying thing about this campaign of intimidation

against Andy Hall is the impact it has on other people – activists,

journalists, whistleblowers and victims of abuse – who may be silenced

in fear because of it,” said Vartiala.
Following a September 2014 criminal trial, in October 2014 and again in

September 2015, the Prakanong Court and the Appeals Court both dismissed

an additional criminal defamation case filed against Hall for an

interview he gave to Aljazeera English in Myanmar on collecting data for

the Finnwatch research and his prosecution. The case was dismissed due

to legal irregularities in the investigation processes. In January 2016,

Natural Fruit together with Thailand’s Attorney General appealed this

dismissal judgement to Thailand’s Supreme Court for another ruling.
Another two cases pending against Andy Hall are civil suits for damages

of over USD 13 million connected to the two criminal cases. Hearings on

the first of these cases was postponed in October 2014 until a final

ruling on the Bangkok South Criminal case. An additional case is

currently under process.
These ongoing cases have attracted widespread international attention

and support. In September 2015, five United Nations (UN) Special

Rapporteurs wrote to the Thai government for a second time expressing

deep concern that the cases against Andy Hall were directly connected

with his legitimate and peaceful work as a human rights defender. Hall’s

case has been highlighted by the United States in its State Department

Annual Trafficking in Persons Report and has garnered significant

attention from the European Commission and members of the European

Parliament at a time when Thailand’s record of protection of the rights

of migrant workers is the focus of significant international criticism.
Several international observers are expected to attend Hall’s upcoming

trial. Hearings are scheduled from 8.30am to 4.30pm at Bangkok South

Criminal Court (Charoen Krung Road) during 2016 on 19th, 25th and 26th

May; 2nd, 9th and 16th June; and 12th to 15th and 26th to 27th July.
A final ruling on this case is expected in September 2016.

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