17th June 2022: Report- Bangladesh minister says 25-recruitment agency cap for Malaysia not set by Dhaka (my comment)



Report: Bangladesh minister says 25-recruitment agency cap for Malaysia not set by Dhaka

As updated news today…. So surely the Bangladeshi and Malaysian governments now need together and in agreement to rationally and objectively/fairly justify any possible selection of only a limited number of manpower agencies to carry out these recruitment tasks? Or surely they cannot limit the number of agencies involved, due to transparency or corruption concerns?

And in my opinion, genuine transparency here requires a public open tender process to select the most able, ethical and financially sustainable manpower agencies for these recruitment tasks, if indeed the number of agencies conducting recruitment is capped, for whatever reasons. 

Public, clear and open eligibility criteria for possible selection, a transparent objective tender process where the best agencies are selected and get the work. Anything less is unacceptable, lacking in transparency and raises serious concerns of the possibility for systemic corruption.


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