Donations to support and assist Andy Hall’s investigation and campaigning work, and that of his team across Asia, can be directly via Andy’s bank account in the UK.

Name on Account: Mr AJ Hall

International Bank AC No (IBAN): GB27 NAIA 07011635510284

Bank SWIFT code: MIDLGB22

Bank BIC code: NAIAGB21

Bank Branch Address: Nationwide Building Society, Electra House 4th Floor, Swindon, SN1 5TY

Bank Branch Sort Code: 07-01-16

You can also donate to this cause via Paypal system using account which is also Andy Hall’s email address

5 responses to “DONATE/SUPPORT NOW

  1. Andy,

    Set up a Paypal account to make donations easier please.


  2. GB27 NAIA 0701/635 510284 can’t be correct for an IBAN. IBANs don’t have spaces, or “/” in them. I think that “/” maybe should be a number 1, the last digit in the sort-code, but the remaining digits, which should be the actual account number, come up as “Invalid account number” when I try to donate from my bank account. Please correct the IBAN, and add the account number at the end of the posting on the blog where you give the sort-code.

  3. John Bestevaar

    You need to add a PayPal button to your site.

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