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photeAndy Hall is a British human rights defender and a migrant worker rights specialist. Andy lived as a resident in Thailand and Myanmar for over a decade since June 2005 until he was forced to leave Thailand in November 2016 due to increasing threats against his liberty and well-being.

From January 2013 until  June 2014, Andy lived in Yangon, Myanmar advising the Myanmar government on migration. He planned to work long term in Myanmar on this work. 

Following confiscation of his British passport by Prakanong Court in June 2014, Andy had to remain in Thailand until cases prosecuted by Natural Fruit Company Ltd. against him were completed. He was only allowed to leave Thailand for short periods of time and only following permission from the courts given his entry and exit from Thailand were blocked by the Immigration Department. A career in Myanmar therefore came to an end.

Once some of the cases against Andy were dismissed in 2014, his passport was returned to him but again his freedom of movement was limited after indictment on other cases in January 2016 and his passport was again taken from him. He attended court hearings and his freedom of movement was restricted again a conviction against him in September 2016, when the passport was finally returned to him. Andy left Thailand in November 2016 when new criminal prosecutions were brought against him. 

This blog was originally created to follow the criminal and civil cases Natural Fruit Company Ltd. has filed against Andy Hall after executing field research in the company’s pineapple concentrate factory in Thailand. Andy interviewed workers, some of whom were undocumented migrants, and whom reported poor working conditions, unlawfully low wages, confiscation of official documents, use of child labour and excessive overtime. The research was conducted for Finnish NGO Finnwatch and Hall was not an author of this report but only a researcher.

Several human rights organisations around the world see lawsuits against Andy as groundless and state that the prosecutions are part of much wider and increasing restriction on freedom of speech and oppression of human rights defenders in Thailand.

This document includes the press release sent to media: Finnwatch_PL_press release_Europe(2)

A notification of violations was sent to various different actor after the research was published. No one responded to the notification. Notification of violations_Finnwatch_FINAL

You can also browse the Power Point show made of the research results powerpoint_andy_hall_Finnwatch_1(1)

This blog is now used to publish other writings and press releases related to Andy Hall


Besides Andy himself Finnwatch also contributes to this blog. Finnwatch offers technical support to Andy Hall but the contents of may not represent Finnwatch’s views.

13 responses to “Blog Background

  1. Do you have a address for Andy Hall?

    • VISITORS in any coutry should behave like visitors. anyplace.
      whenever/wherever they forget this golden rule – they should get lessons like this… to reactivate this know-how.
      “No foreigner should think they have power above Thai sovereignty,” said company president Wirat Piyapornpaiboon, accusing Hall of “violating his rights”.
      i agree with the above statement and I am happy about seeing Thais defending theit sovereignity.

      This is my msg for Mr Hall,
      Tomas Hlavicka, europe, czech, prague

  2. I am undecided whether activists like Hall are worthy of our time or are just nuisances.

    I can see that many companies around the world abuse their employees but why is Hall in Thailand? Abuse of employees is taking place in the UK as I type this. I am not excusing bad Thai practice at all, just wondering why another foreigner has arrived to tell the Thais how bad they are.

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  4. @ duncan

    Because there are many people in the UK ready to stand up against injustice and speak out for the employees, whereas in Thailand if we don’t have people like him nothing would get done.

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  7. Matthew "Trent" Tarpley

    Andy, this is from an old friend that you went to GACS-Arlington with for a year back in 1986-87. Hang in there, and keep on doing what you are doing!! I’m very proud of what you are doing!

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  10. This ignorant UK expat needs to keep his nose out of other people’s affairs. It’s stupid people like him and others (aka Edward Snowden) that ruin it for everyone else. Keep in mind, World trade policies have existed for a very very long time, as such it gives even the poorest of the poor a little money to survive. Andy, why don’t you go practice what you preach in Saudi Arabia or Qatar and then you’ll be doing some ‘real’ justice for the migrant workers. Yes, you are just idiotic coward.

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